University Domination (Assessment 3)

Near-final implementation

The main game? Yeah, it's good and all. But the minigame? That's a real spicy meatball.

Elon Musk

yo that's finna woke


The real reason we are protesting is that the minigame isn't widely availiable for all universities.

UCU in their break from industrial action

Starmix just took the Doom rights from me.

John Romero

All code can be found at our GitHub repository.

Builds for all platforms can be found via the 'View Builds' button.

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  • In order to render the map in Unity's editor, ensure you have Blender installed
    • This is due to the fact, that the models for the objects are .blend files and will not display if you do not have Blender
  • Upon scene change in Unity's editor, the scenes appear darker
  • Both of the above appear only in the editor and will not affect the build


Benefits of Choosing Us

  • Architecture Assitance
    • We are available to help with any questions concerning the structure of the game
    • Architecture is cleanly explained
  • Unity Assitance
    • We are available to help with Unity wherever the documentation for it is lacking
    • Unity has very good documentation already, so any issues can be Googled easily
  • Documentation Support
    • We are available to help with any documentation questions that you may have

Game Overview

  • How did we do the saving & loading? Mementos!
    • "Snapshotting" the entire game state to a single object that can be stored and serialized easily
    • How will this help you?
      • Game state becomes flexible, if needed to be passed to different scenes
      • If you have to expand or add classes that need to be saved (serialized), just add the fields or new serializable classes, and it'll work as before!
      • Entirely compatible with Unity's MonoBehaviour system, no work around or bodging in order for it to work
  • Our unique minigame
    • Asset structure simple and clean with a README to help
    • Taking insiration from Doom, we've made a minigame that is fun and unique
      • Absolutely no gore!
      • Designed with cartoon-ish comedic effect in mind (keeps within acceptable requirement limits)
    • Flexible and configurable
      • The minigame is set up in such a way so that hard-coded values and actions are kept to a minimum, meaning that if something needs changing, you might not even have to edit any code at all!
      • The current system can be altered and modified to suit future requirements without too much effort
      • You can extend and change the minigame very easily
        • For example, adding an entirely new enemy is a simple case of adding the model, creating a prefab, and adding the ‘EnemyController’ script to it, and then changing the inspector values
        • Adding enemies onto the map is a simple case of dropping them where you want, and then adding the new enemy to the enemy set it’s a part of, so the game can keep track of it
    • Utilises Unity to its fullest
      • We've used Standard Assets where we can to reduce overall workload with development on the game, meaning that it will reduce your workload as well
      • Minigame is set up to work with Unity's pipeline as well as possible to simplfy development
    • Backup minigame for if you deem the current one too complicated
      • Described by a README to guide you through the differences
      • Fully tested to make sure it works with the current game
      • Minimal changes in order to switch between
      • Simple design and structure, meaning that if requirements do change drastically, overhauling the game is easy to do
      • Absolutely not required for the final game, it can be discarded safely if you do not want it
    • Intergrated documentation with editor's intellisense
    • Full product brief functionality covered