University Domination (Assessment 2)

Preliminary implementation



All code can be found at our GitHub repository.

Builds for all platforms can be found via the 'View Builds' button.

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Benefits of Choosing Us

  • Architecture Assitance
    • We are available to help with any questions concerning the structure of the game
    • Architecture is cleanly explained
  • Unity Assitance
    • We are available to help with Unity wherever the documentation for it is lacking
    • Unity has very good documentation already, so any issues can be Googled easily
  • Documentation Support
    • We are available to help with any documentation questions that you may have

Major points for Assessment 3

  • Grid System
    • Uses a hexagonal grid system
      • All hexagon algorithms are implemented and unit tested
      • Sectors system is fully functional with implemented handling of units
      • Each sector has multiple implemented properties, such as highlighting and traversability
    • Fully realised Map Editor
      • Located in the repository under Tools/Editor, is a fully functional map editor
      • Map data is storing in JSON format and parsed on load
      • You can load in the JSON file and output it directly
      • Working command line arguments with help message
    • Unit system done with expansion in mind
      • Each unit is based off of a single interface
      • This allows complete generalisation of units, enabling them to be added and removed from game logic in a single line of code
  • Unity Integration & UI
    • Game utilises Unity's systems as much as possible to ease development
    • This includes the UI system
      • Each menu is built via a distinct Canvas GameObject, which allows for complete control over the menu, and allows for any kind of sub-menu
      • The base Canvas objects each have an attached class that take is all inputs and provides the game logic
        • Each class implements an interface to allow general handling of every menu you will need
        • The classes also provide centralised game logic for that specific menu
          • Shared logic can be done via abstract classes and inheritance
          • Separation of logic enables much easier debugging, only one place can go wrong at once
  • Documentation
    • Almost all classes, functions and properties are documented
    • Documentation is fully integrated with Visual Studio intellisense
    • Further documentation via comments in complex functions to explain with is going on
  • Git
    • Full git support via GitHub
    • Complete commit history and blame
    • Easy to pick up the code; just fork the repository and start working

Gameplay Example